Archie – April O’Neil The May East Saga Number 3 (Splinter’s Wicked Headache)

“Splinter’s Wicked Headache”

April and the Turtles search for May East inside Splinter’s brain. Fortunately, Bookwurm engages East in conversation, which leads April to where her ancestor is hiding. Our heroes discover their adversary and a battle breaks out. Splinter’s antibodies join the fray – but they attack the Turtles as well as May East! The antibodies’ attack is so forceful that April and May are forced to combine their powers to put a protective bubble around everyone. East asks April to hand over the crystal so she can get them out of Splinter’s brain, and April complies. May East does get everyone out of Splinter – but she doesn’t use the Touchstone’s power to return April or the Turtles to their normal size. As East prepares to capture our heroes, Bookwurm throws a book at her, distracting her from her endeavor. Once again the distraction works, and April and the TMNT return to their normal size while East is preoccupied with Bookwurm. Disgusted, May East curses April and for abandoning her sorceress bloodline and disappears.

Later, April types in her journal that she finally understands that her place is with her friends – and whatever abilities she has – she will use to help them.

Cover: Bob Fingerman
Script: Stanley Wiater

Pencils: Bob Fingerman

Inks: Bob Fingerman

Colors: Barry Grossman

Letters: Bob Fingerman

First Printing: June, 1993

Number of story pages: 28

Master Splinter

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