2004-08 – Letters from Michaelangelo

Yo dudes and dudettes!

Things have gotten hot in this city, lemme tell ya! First we discover we’re in a blood feud with the tin-plated, chrome-domed, cheese grater known as the Shredder and all of his gnarly and nasty ninjas – then we’re duking it out with mobsters, monster hunters and all kinds of bizarro pirates and thieves – to think I used to think WE were weird! Mutant turtles got nothin’ on the freaky humans (and aliens) we’ve encountered over the past few years! And just when I think I can chill and carve some pavement, some other bogus baddies show up with turtle soup on their minds! I tell ya, it’s enough to make ya wanna hang up your ninja gear and retire in Florida – except I’m too young for that, so I guess we’ll be on our toes waiting for the next Foot to drop! I’ll have to find time for thrashin’ when I can, like right now! Peace!!!


Master Splinter

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