2003-10 – Letters from Raphael

So it’s finally summer and that’s cool by me. Bein’ cold blooded can have its drawbacks, and winter is one of ’em. Fortunately our mutation made the cold easier for us to take, but it still gets old in a hurry. So I’m down with some post 90 degree days… bring ’em on!

April and Casey are doin’ good, so’s Splinter. They all wanted me to pass along their thanks to all of ya who keep askin’ about ’em.

Casey and me have been getting in as much street ridin’ as we can. That Shell Cycle that Donny worked up is one sweet machine… heavy metal thunder and then some! Good thing about bein’ on a bike is when ya got a helmet on, nobody knows what ya look like underneath, so it’s one of the few ways I can get some fresh air and not worry about freakin’ out the neighbors. Good times ahead as we ride as much as we can. The rain has been a drag, but I guess we needed the water, so I ain’t gonna complain about it (too much ;)

So you have a good summer – mebbe I’ll see ya out on the highway some clear, warm night… I’ll be the green blur zoomin’ by ya. ;)


Master Splinter

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