2002-12 – Letters from Leonardo


Just a short note to wish you well during this Holiday Season. We’ll be heading to Northampton soon but at the last second we decided that we couldn’t leave without wishing you a joyous new year. We’re very grateful for your support over the years and we wish the very best for you and yours. :)

This has been a very interesting year for us, with all the new projects coming and going and then coming on strong. 2003 looks to be an even more interesting year for us, and we hope that you’ll enjoy what our friends will be bringing you. From what we’ve seen it should be excellent! :)

Well, I hear Casey’s Chevy – that means it’s time to pack up and head out! From all of us to all of you – Happy Holidays! See you next year (don’t you love saying that? :)

Be well!

Master Splinter

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