2001-10 – Letters from Donatello

Salutations cyberfriend!

Whew! We’re back!!!

As you may have guessed by our long absence, things did not go well with those Triceratons! As it turns out, it was all a big trick to kidnap us and take us to Dimension X! But I’m gettng a bit ahead of myself. All I can say is, I am SO happy to be back on Earth!

The whole thing was a set-up by none other than Krang and Shredder! They’d even gone so far as to make a deal with the Rat King! Remember when he attacked us out of the blue? Well, the whole thing was done to distract us and keep us away from the Transmat, while Rat King followed Krang’s instructions and got the teleportation device working again! I almost messed up their plans when I started working on the device (apparently the Rat King isn’t as technically proficient as Krang had hoped, so his work took far longer than the evil brain had anticipated). However, their plan worked out in the end. While my tinkerings managed to mess up the sending mechanism, I didn’t disable the receiving apparatus… so while I almost solved the whole dilemma before it had really started, Fate wasn’t quite on our side (I guess every now and then, even the bad guys get a break).

When Krang discovered the device was working in one direction, he sent the four Triceraton scientists to fix it. Another almost lucky break for us happened when Leo discovered them and set off the alarm. We managed to subdue and capture them (they were tough for scientists though, I’ll say that!), but this only delayed the inevitable, as Rat King got back to work on the Transmat while we were distracted by worrying about what to do with the Triceratons. Unfortunately, we were so preoccupied that I didn’t remember to disable the Transmat! Boy, do I feel stupid over THAT one! Sheesh! I mean, I DID turn it off, but I should have just dismantled it once and for all. Of course, I thought it was me who had fixed it, so I thought turning it off was enough, but had I only removed the power cell from the Transmat (and then set up a security ring to guard the accursed machine), we would have avoided the entire ordeal that was to come. In this case, it was the second strike, but we were already out.

So once Rat King turned the machine back on (D’oh!), Krang sent another troop of Triceratons through; this time they weren’t mere scientists, but a dozen warriors who were armed to the teeth! They came in the early morning hours and caught us offguard. Michaelangelo was off on patrol, and they caught him with a stun blaster and net before he knew what hit him. And so it went, as we each left in turn to investigate the matter, we were quickly captured by overwhelming forces.

Once the Triceratons had all four of us. Thankfully they didn’t wait to grab Master Splinter, who spent weeks with Casey and April searching for us. Fortunately the Sensei realized what had happened when they found the Transmat machine humming softly (Rat King never turned it off) and he worked some schemes of his own to save us… but that’s a tale I’ll leave for the other guys to tell.

I hope you’ve had a great summer!

Take care!


Master Splinter

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