2001-02 – Letters from Michaelangelo

Happy New Year!

Whassup?! Things are goin’ great here! We’re staying put in the Big Apple because none of us had the heart to leave our buds behind! This is truly awesome, because I dunno if I really ever wanna leave the City again. The few vacays we take each year are more than enough time away for me! I need the lights, the action, the excitement and the concrete of the jazzy NYC jungle! It’s in my blood I guess (along with alla those phreaked out mutagen particles! :)

And besides all that, where else but NYC can ya get a pizza delivered at 4 AM?! That alone is reason to stay, doncha think? :)

Yo, things have definitely taken a turn for the better! After we lost alla our cribgear we were majorly bummed, but April and Casey have really come thru for us! Mosta our digs are back to normal, although alla the merch we’re sportin’ is newer and improveder! Casey has been buying us TONS of wicked cool stuff! We had a Trump Christmas this year! I’ve never seen so many packages! It was awesome, but the best part was that we spent the holidays with Case, April and my little sweety Shadow, who’s growing up to be a mighty ninja warrior in her own right! All in all it was the best ever!

Everyone has been really happy the past few weeks. Raph and Donny managed to find a ton of tech stuff in a Foot warehouse, and Casey bought Don all kinds of junk that made Donny swoon when he opened it. Don’t ask me what it was cuz I sure dunno… but it made Don-san’s day to say the least. Raph has been pretty chipper and he and Case seem to be sharing some kinda inside joke about Leo, whatever it is. It’s makin’ them a goofy lot to see, but it’s getting under our fearless leader’s skin… even so, Leo seems pretty happy his own self. He and April have been hanging alot, which means I’ve become Shadow’s full-time babysitter, which is great by me! She’s a GREAT kid, always happy and wanting to goof around! It’s really fun to hang with someone who isn’t always brooding like the rest of our clan! Shadow must have her mother’s personality, cuz she sure didn’t get it from Casey! ;)

Among the dozens of presents Casey bought us was a laptop computer, which I’ve been using to write some stories and poems when Donny doesn’t need it. Pretty cool gizmo, and I’m liking getting back to some writing. Me and April talk shop when we can, she’s got lots of good advice. I need to take some English classes though, cuz April is tired of being my editor. Mebbe it will be fun, just gotta find a class I can take via the mail… I don’t think Leo would be too keen on me walking into a classroom at New York State. :)

That’s about it really. I’ve kinda become everyone’s mom lately, staying home to cook and clean and look after the kids… but I dig it! Splinter is happy to have someone help him with the chores for a change, and after years of dodging them, I gotta say it’s getting to be okay to do. Making things nice for Shadow is important, you know what I mean? It’s also cool to hang with the Sensei, I’m actually listening to those stories he’s always telling now, cuz I wanna learn ’em to tell Shadow later. I just wish ol’ Splinter would think of some new ones! After the twelfth time they get a bit boring! :)

So that’s the news! I’ve gotta go brew some tea and clean the living room, the whole gang is due for a pizza party tonight, so I gotta make things all nice and comfy cozy. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out! :) It’s gonna be a bummer to take the Christmas lights down, but that’s what we’re doing once the food’s all gone. Ah well, the holidays will be back in just 11 months. Wahoo!!!


Master Splinter

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