2000-09 – Letters from Venus


My, it was quite a summer! We no sooner got home from assisting Ray Fillet and his friends when real trouble began in the sewers! As you are perhaps aware of, Master Splinter moved out of our dwelling a few months back to give us space. The Sensei felt that we needed the time away from him, to grow as people and become more independent. This seemed like a plausible reason at the time, but we should not have let our guards down regarding Master Splinter’s chosen abode… it was a small cubby of a room in the far depths of the sewers that radiated ill will to most of us. It had very bad karma, and yet due to the Sensei’s insistence, we continued working on the space to prepare it for his eventual arrival. The lesson we have learned from this is to trust our intuition!

As it turned out, the misgivings we had about the new home were proven correct. While I could sense an ominous presence in the room, I could not decipher exactly what it was. The Sensei also felt it, but he would tell us not to worry and to go about our business. Master Splinter and I held several blessing ceremonies in attempt to cleanse the space of any evil spirits… but the nefarious being we had not anticipated was the Rat King and his minions!

The Rat King had actually lured Leonardo to this spot several months ago, using his rats to lead Leo to the door that opened to the cubby. When Leo discovered the space he brought it to our attention… and Master Splinter was immediately drawn to it for some inexplicable reason (well, we now know the reason… the Rat King has been trying for years to perfect his rodent
controlling abilities over our Sensei, and he used what skills he had to draw the Master to that spot). Rat King had always had great difficulty gaining long term mental command over Master Splinter because the Sensei was most often protected by us… so the rodent monarch devised a way to separate the Master from us. This separation would allow Rat King the opportunity to finally have the time he needed to gain command of Master Splinter!

I am sad to report that his plan worked perfectly! After the Sensei had moved into his new apartment, we were left to our own devices. As we are wont to do, we spent much of the time squabbling, becoming completely self-absorbed and neglecting our duty to the Master, a tact that only offered Rat King more time to manipulate poor Splinter! At first the Master did not visit us much at all, but as the weeks grew on he came to see us more often, each visit he seemed a bit more distant, a little less like himself, and much more impatient. Initially we thought that he was just showing us his displeasure at how poorly we were doing without his guidance, but we came to understand that it was actually the Rat King exerting his control over the Sensei! Eventually the Rat King was able to utilize his odd power to actually possess Splinter’s body and control him completely! In retrospect, Donatello suspects that our mutation is what enabled Rat King to utilize his ability to such dramatic and frightening affect!

Once Rat King was confident in his control over our Master, he finally launched his attack on us. We still do not understand what drove him to do this, as we have had a truce with him for many months now. Using Master Splinter as his pawn, he was able to discover all of our hideouts, traps and security measures. The Rat King used the information gleaned from our Sensei
to allow his rats to disable all of Donatello’s devices in one afternoon. Shortly thereafter he launched the attack… while Donatello, Michaelangelo and Leonardo were on patrol!

The rat hordes swarmed upon Raphael and I without any warning while we were preparing lunch. Leading the rodent army was crazed looking Master Splinter! The rats quickly set about destroying all of our things while Master Splinter (possessed by the Rat King) attacked Raphael and I. Raphael was completely bewildered but defended himself well… I cannot say the same. Splinter quickly dispatched me while I stood stunned with a kick to my head, which knocked me unconscious. I totally failed my family. Rat King knew that I was the most severe threat to his plans, due to my own abilities to reach into the minds of people. Rat King knew that I had the ability to free Splinter from his influence, so he made sure that I was removed as a threat almost instantly. I am very smaded that this happened and that I was not prepared. I was so surprised at the sight of Master Splinter leading an attack on our home that I was simply dumbfounded. It is most embarrassing to admit this, but it is the truth and I will not hide it.

From this point I do know all of what happened. The rats carried me away to the Rat King while Raphael defended our home as best he could. He managed to subdue Splinter for a time, but he was quickly overrun by the horde and was brought to the prison that I was being held in. Eventually Leonardo and Donatello managed to rescue us and I was able to use my talent to free the Master from the Rat King’s influence, but it was a very trying time for all of us, especially me. Had I been prepared upon the initial attack, perhaps we would not have lost all of our things… we now have nothing. The rats decimated out home and much of Donatello’s laboratory before Leonardo and Donatello could drive them off. I will leave them to tell you their
part of the tale.

Despite the hardship we are now fairing well. Master Splinter is living with us again and the Rat King is seemingly missing… although I am sure he is not too far away. April and Casey have donated many things to our cause (April has opened a new antique shop and had many things that she has given to us, bless her). Donatello lost all of his minor equipment, as the rats were not able to chew through his large metal objects, but he has been very busy with projects since then and frustrated with what he has lost. I do not blame him.

That is my report for this time. I am still heartbroken over my failings, but I have learned my lesson well and I will not repeat them. I must get back to work now, as there is still much to do. I hope that things have been going better for you… and remember, be ever vigilant!

Peace be with you,

Master Splinter

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