2000-07 – Letters from Leonardo


Well, it’s been a busy and hectic summer so far… seems like it always is! The heat never makes for a peaceful existence in the City, but this time we traveled far and wide to find trouble. That’s our specialty, I guess!

Michaelangelo had been worried about Ray Fillet and the Mighty Mutanimals for weeks. We were busy trying to disband the remaining Foot Soldiers after defeating Shredder and Krang, but when things finally calmed down on the home front, we decided that we’d better attend to Mike’s concerns.

Don prepared the sub and we headed out to the last known location of Ray’s fortress. Master Splinter stayed behind to continue work on our new emergency shelter. The Mutanimals have a huge ship disguised as a small volcanic island that they sail around the ocean, looking to solve problems. As it turns out, one of the biggest problems in the sea they’d found lately was a band of high tech pirates, who were using their ill gotten gains to terrorize the international waters beyond Nantucket.

We spent several weeks in constant skirmishes with the pirates who were led by the Murk Mariner. We were severely outnumbered and their equipment was superior to ours, at least when it comes to battle. Our sub isn’t really equipped for heavy combat, so we basically had to use it as a means to disrupt pirate activity rather than going on the offensive. It was a trying time, and my best strategies rarely worked out. I admit that I’m not very astute when it comes to sea battles, but after this ordeal I’ll be making the effort to learn more on the subject, I assure you!

After weeks of incessant failures, Venus finally came up with a plan. She would get herself captured and then use her Shinobi training to thwart the pirates. Venus doesn’t use her mental powers as a weapon often, as she says that it is both taxing and dangerous, but it seemed we had no choice in the matter after so many weeks of frustration. I was initially deadset against Venus risking her neck like this. Although Michaelangelo and Mondo pointed out that Candy Fine had kicked Murk Mariner’s butt the last time they had fought him, I still felt that it was too risky. Venus and Dreadmon thought that I was being chauvinistic, which I probably was. I try to adhere to a code of chilvalry, and I feel very uncomfortable sending a lady into danger on her own, no matter how capable she is. I know that Venus can take care of business, but allowing herself to be captured by bloodthristy cutthroats seemed too extreme. Finally they convinced me that there was little choice. Ray had been attending to all of the injured sea creatures that were caught in the crossfire, and when I saw him caring for an injured young sea turtle, it suddenly struck me that this battle must end. I consented to the plan, and then Don began arguing against it. I voted to let Venus go and had to walk away and let them decide… sometimes being a good leader requires letting decisions be made without your interference.

As it turns out, Venus’ plan worked perfectly and she saved the day. I was so proud of her. I noticed that Don was a bit embarrassed by his earlier resistance to her strategy, and I also felt his pang of regret. It’s difficult sometimes to make decisions, especially ones that conflict with so many different aspects of our character. Don was only trying to keep Venus safe, as was I, but in the end it was Venus who had saved us all. A lesson learned… but I am mostly thankful that her plan worked, as I don’t want to think of how I’d feel if it had failed!

So we’re home now. Raph and I are back to basic anti-Foot patrols. Master Splinter was quite pleased to hear our tale of the seven seas, and particularly happy to hear of Venus’ success. The Sensei took her hand and told her that she was a true ninja now… which made her so happy she almost started crying. I didn’t get it… I thought she’s been a true ninja for years now, but I don’t know what discussions that Splinter and Venus have had to make that such a poignant moment. Ah well… for them to know and me to mind my own, I guess.

Not too much else going on as of yet. Raph says that the Foot probably have a new leader from Japan and that we should expect some major trouble soon, as the new boss will want to try to shake things up and test the waters. Raph knows the Foot very well, so we’re working out extra hard these days and running double patrols. Don is back in shape for the first time in many months, the time away from the lab does him good. Nothing like excercise to relieve the mental stress, and with all the inventions Don works on, I’m sure he’s got more than his share of anxieties.

That’s a wrap from here! I hope that your summer is going great!

Be well!

Master Splinter

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