2000-05 – Letters from Donatello

Greetings Cyberfriend!

Wow… Spring already! Time really flies around here! We’ve been busy working on an emergency shelter, in case the Foot should discover our current homestead. I personally think it’s a waste of time and energy… especially time! I’ve got ALOT of things that I need to be doing, but instead I’m sweeping out a smelly old room buried beneath the sewers themselves. Leo found an old door that had been welded shut, and once we had it opened, he and Master Splinter felt that it would make the perfect hideout. They’re probably right about that! I don’t think too many people could find this place with a map! It’s really, really off the beaten sewer. I don’t even know how Leo uncovered it in the first place, but he’s more prone to explore than the rest of us, so it wasn’t surprising that he found it. It WAS surprising that he and Splinter wanted to make this our second home, though… yuck!

When I have the time I’ve been back to working on the Chronoshift Wand that I’d put on the shelf awhile back. My main trouble is still the power supply, but that’s true for just about all of my inventions. I think I’m going to have to look into cold fusion, as our current power sources are just too feeble for much of my work. I don’t know if I’ll have any luck with it, as far better minds than mine have been trying to tackle it for years now… but I’ve got to try. I feel like I’m working on rockets that I’m trying to propel with steam engines… so I’ve got to figure something out. I’ll be tinkering with the old Triceraton Transmat that Leatherhead had been working on awhile ago. Hopefully it will clue me in on a more reliable power source.

I don’t know who else’s letters that you’ve read, but Krang reared his ugly mug once again. The last we’d heard from him he had been banished to a garbage world somewhere in Dimension X for his crimes. It seemed likle a fitting punishment! Unfortunately Krang still had some allies and one of them decided to rescue the lame brain.

Oddly enough, when Krang turned up he had a deal to offer us… he would help us get rid of the Shredder! Krang said that all of his problems stemmed from his teaming with Shredder and that it was Saki’s fault that Krang had been banished. Yeah, right!

Raph, ever the (insert sarcasm) pragmatist, thought that it would fittingly ironic if we helped Krang destroy Shredder. I’m sure Raph’s own hatred for Saki had nothing to do with his decision.

Anyways, Leo and Raph formulated a plan and went to work on that end. Venus, Mikey, Master Splinter and I stayed away from their adventure for the most part. We were busy with the new shelter and to be honest, I thought the whole scenario was foolish to get involved with. I pointed out the obvious, that Krang could be leading them into a trap, but they felt that they could work things to kill two birds with a single stone, so they went forward. Luckily things worked out okay, but I’m starting to think that Raphael is beginning to affect Leo’s decision making process as much or more than Leo affects Raph’s.

So lately I’ve been busy as bee with mundane tasks… not too much exciting has been happening on my end. I’ve run some patrols with Venus and even once with April (!) but we haven’t seen much action of late. The Foot are still keeping their distance.

I guess that wraps up this report. I’ve got to get down to the Hole (my “affectionate” term for the new shelter) and start setting up power lines to create the security grid. This takes alot of time and effort… hopefully I can get Venus or Mikey to help me. It’s going to be a dirty job down there.

I hope that everything is going well for you and that you’re working hard.

Take care!


Master Splinter

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