2000-02 – Letters from Michaelangelo


Howzit goin’? Long time no see! I got wicked sick this year, and so did everybody else! Well, Raph only got a mild case, but the rest of us were down for the count with the flu for a whole lotta weeks! The guys tell me they thought I was gonna croak… but I had to remind them I’m a turtle not a frog. ;O)

I dunno what we got. It all started with Master Splitner, so we’ve decided to call it the Rat Flu… and I hope we don’t ever get it again! Don-san thinks that the bug reacted weirdly to our mutant genes and threw us for a loop. I guess that makes me the most mutant of all, since I got so sick I couldn’t even have cool dreams. My body was in ultra-shutdown mode for like 2 weeks. Thankfully Venus’ various potions kept me nourished while I was too gone to eat. I’ve always been wicked happy to have her in our family and now I have another reason to thank our lucky stars for bringing her into our lives. Without Venus I woulda been forced to drink something mixed up by Leo, and THAT woulda surely killed me! ;O)

Mondo dropped by while I was out cold, so I missed seeing him. That was a real drag… the worst part of being sick really! He dropped off a copy of his latest metal opus and I’ve been cranking it for weeks now. Mondo is one talented gecko! Wish I coulda hung with him while he was in town… I’ve got a real urge to carve some pavement, and with the temperatures of the past week, we can actually see some again! Ah well… I’ll have to go solo. Hey Mondo… this curb’s for you!

Ray Fillet, Dreadmon and Jaguar did drop by while I was well enough to rap with them. They’re all doin’ real well, but having problems with pirates (can ya believe that in this day and age?!) There’s a band of cut-throats with some high powered boats and guns who are robbing freighters as they pass through. Ray and the other Mutanimals are doing what they can. I think we’re gonna go try to help them bust the bogus boaters once the weather clears up. Leo thinks we can use the sub to put a quick stop to the trouble, but Ray is doubtful. The MM have subs, but apparently so do the pirates. Anyways, I’m looking forward to some adventure on the high seas and also spending some time with our long lost buds.

April’s coming along great with her book. She’s all done with it and is now doing some rewrites before she’s gonna try to find a publisher. It’s a real nail-biter. I sure hope she can find a place that will put it out there for her. She says the book market is really tough these days… don’t I know it! I’ve been trying to sell short stories and poems for years without much success. Not enough people read anymore I guess… but I’m sure April will do great, she always does!

Now that we’re all better and the temps are warmer, things are finally getting back to normal. We’re training extra hard (and I’m eating extra pizzas =O) to make up for lost time. There hasn’t been too much trouble… the typical Foot encounters and we’ve also waylayed a few burglers here and there. Thieves really steam me… people work hard for their stuff and then some creep comes along and steals it. Those types I have no qualms about bonking, cuz they’re asking for it big time. Heh heh! Now I sound like Raph! Mebbe I’m cranky from too much sleep! =O)

Well, it’s been great to be able to type an update again! But it’s warm and a little sunny today, and I need some fresh air (I’m tellin’ ya, sewer livin’ has it’s advantages, but breatheable air ain’t one of ’em!)

So I’m off for some sun and fun while the early Spring holds out. See ya next time buddy!


Master Splinter

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