1999-07 – Letters from Venus

Hello to you!

After many weeks in my homeland, Master Splinter and I set-off to New York in the middle of April. It was a very, very long trip… we had to stow away aboard freighter ships, which are extremely large and travel most slowly… and one of the ships we had boarded broke down at sea for an entire week! So we did not arrive in the New York harbor until late May! The journey was uneventful and tiresome… there is not much one can do as a stowaway for fear of being caught! I could use my Shinobi powers to cloud the minds of those who would discover us, but it is a difficult thing to keep constant vigil over.

The most dangerous event for us was seeking out food. Our friends in Shanghai had given us heartily filled packs, but we had not expected the journey to take so very long! The last two weeks at sea, Master Splinter and I were forced to scavage for food. Fortunately my Shinobi training helped us on this front, but there were several narrow escapes… and we did not eat well for many, many days. We attempted to fish late in the evenings, but we had no luck, as the we had such poor bait. Apparently ocean fish do not like potatoes.

Despite the hardship of the journey, I am glad that the Sensei and I stayed in China for several weeks after the others had left. It was a peaceful and fulfilling time. Master Splinter learned much from the Shinobi priests, as they did from him. It was a very nice feeling to be home for an extended time, especially after we had defeated the Dragon Lord. Many a feast and celebration were had, and there was much rejoicing. For the first time I revealed my true self to all of my kinsman, and that was a very special pleasure. My late Master, Chung I, had shielded my appearance from almost all of the people and priests of our village for fear that they would rebuke me… and his wisdom he was mostly correct. Many people would fear and loathe me due to my nature, so rather than risk potential disaster, Chung I hid me from most everyone. But I was very happy to find that the Shinobi shaman gladly accepted both Master Splinter and I for who we are and did not fear us for what we look like. I suppose it helped that we were instruments in the destruction of Dragon Lord. :)

But after many weeks I learned a valuable lesson… my home is no longer in China, but with my family in America. It was time to go home.

Master Splinter worked with the elder priests to decipher a safe route to New York, and once plans and supplies were made, we left in the twilight hours. We bid a sad yet joyous farewell to our friends in Shanghai and set sail for New York City… the Big Apple of my eye. :)

We have been home for many weeks now, and little has happened. It has been terribly hot for the past few days, but today we have gotten relief from the oppressive weather. I have been spending my days working with Leonardo to clean up the sewers (the firemen open up the hydrants so that the people of New York can cool down, but this causes much havoc in our realm… it is worth it, however. The children of the City are so joyful when the water is spouting from the hydrants, it makes me heart very light to see this!)

Raphael has been in a dark mood, but that is normal for Raphael. But he has spent many hours helping Leonardo and I, and he and Leo are healing some wounds, I believe. They are taking turns following orders from one another, and this does both of them much good. I have even seen Raphael smile on one or two occassions… he is especially pleased when Leonardo tells him that he has had a good idea. They are both learning. :)

In the evenings, Master Splinter and I have been enjoying cooking elaborate meals, and we have gained back ever ounce that we lost during our hardship at sea (and perhaps many extra ounces as well).

So the summer has been mostly quiet for now. My brothers fear that Shredder has some evil planned, and I agree with them. So we are happy but cautious… sooner or later the storms will return, but for today we enjoy the calm.

I hope that all goes well with you, my friend!

Peace be with you,

Master Splinter

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