1999-07 – Letters from Michaelangelo

Howdy pardner!

Whoa! Can ya believe it’s almost the middle of July already?!! Hokey smokes! Where does the time go in the summer??? Winters seem to last forEVER… but summer just scoots on by like a heartbeat! It’s not fair… if it weren’t for my trusty snoboard, I think I’d have to move to Jamaica!

So how you been doing? All is well here! Splinter and Venus got home a couple months ago looking tired and hungry, but they’re fine now. Leon and Don are always busy being busy, and I’m always busy having fun! Not enough hours in the day for fun, that’s what I’m thinkin’! =)

Raphael has been doing better lately. He was megasulky for weeks and weeks… I was afraid to say two words to him… EVERYthing got him wicked upset! Those Clan Sai dudes really burned him up bad inside… but I think he’s coming out of his shell a bit these days (hope he’s got a good sunscreen on =)

It’s been humungo hot around here lately, so I called up Ray Fillet and spent a few days with him swimming in the ocean… that was relaxing and most cool (in more ways than one)! Ray has seen alotta our old friends around the globe and filled me in on what most of ’em are doing. He goes down to Florida every few weeks to see what Mondo is up to. Ray’s thinking of getting the Mutanimals back together, he says he’s feeling a lack of purpose without them. I know what he means… I’d be lost without my bropals!

Ray’s been working on a new underwater home, and it’s phat! He’s constructing it outta shipwrecks and stuff, and has found alotta cool stuff down deep to use. His living room has this wicked bubble-window that’s like 20 feet across… I dunno where he found it, but whatta great view he’s got because of it! So far he’s got about half of the place built, with about half of that water tight. He says he might make it Mutanimal HQ if it turns out okay and the other dudes are into reforming the group. I told him to ask Donny for some help. I think Don-san would really dig working on a project like this. Only problem is air supply… Ray can breathe in and outta water, so staying downside for hours and hours is no biggee to him… but it’s harder on us airbags! =)

Other than that I’ve been going on occassional patrols with Leo and Venus and sometimes Raph. Oh man… I almost forgot about this! Me and Raph spotted some Foot dudes one night… they ran as usual but Raph actually caught up with one of them. By the time I got there, the dude didn’t look too good. Raphael clobbered him BAD. I managed to pull Raph off before he killed the guy (I’m kinda thinkin’ that was his plan… NOT cool). Anyways, I saved the Foot dude and Raph stormed off screaming “It’s not over Akira!” So that’s who Raph had caught… his supposed best friend from Clan Sai. The guy could barely speak when I took his mask off… lucky for him Raph hadn’t used weapons on him… he woulda been toast if he had. “I didn’t know he was that fast,” was all Akira kept saying… I told him he picked the absolute worst person on the world to double-cross… he was wicked lucky I caught up to them! Raph hadn’t even signaled me which way he was going, the only reason I found them was pure luck.

I called the ambulance and waited around for them to arrive, hiding in the shadows. The paramedics were astounded that Akira was still breathing after they inspected his wounds. Fortunately I know a few things about first aid (ya gotta if you’re gonna be a skater), and I did what I could to keep the guy alive. Raph came real close to putting him down for good. Anyways, Akira survived his first run-in with Raph… but I dunno if he’ll survive the next. I try to talk to Raph about it, but he just walks away saying “It ain’t finished yet, Mike”. Sometimes Raph REALLY worries me.

Anyways… this is getting to be a major bummer. I think I’ll go try to talk to Raph right now. I don’t like seeing him with this much anger in his heart.

You take care and have some extra fun… I’ve got a feeling that I won’t be having much for awhile…


Master Splinter

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