1999-07 – Letters from Donatello

Greetings Cyberfriend!

The heat wave has finally broken here… last week was beyond miserable! Things were a bit cooler down here in the sewers than they are were up on the streets, but when the temperature hits 100+, let’s just say that odors that are emitted in our humble abode aren’t the most pleasant. :)

Due to the heat I’ve had to take a break from my work, as the electric companies were extremely strained and I didn’t want to risk a major meltdown by trying anything new. We actually shut down alot of our apparatus for fear that we’d be discovered… when the electric company is under such duress, they start looking for “problem” areas, and if they’d found a major drain on power originating from the sewer, we thought they’d send dozens of technicians down here to find the “leak”. Better safe than sorry, although without our modern day comforts, the sewer became nigh unbearable. We spent ALOT of time patroling the rooftops the past several weeks (which while incredibly hot, at least don’t reek).

One thing that I worked on was some fragrance enhancement for our home (as you might imagine :) I had to keep things strictly non-technical and I discovered that the best thing to do was to simply combine some super-concentrated fragrance oils with candles and things smelled a bit better. Leo wasn’t very happy that I took all of his meditation candles and melted them down into scented candles, but after a few minutes he appreciated the effort. But it was predominantly a losing battle… the humidity got terribly high after I had to shut down our dehumidifier and air conditioning units, which made the stench all the worse. The candles were only a mild help (but certainly better than nothing).

Things have been relatively quiet around here this summer, hence there hasn’t been much to write about. Oddly enough, while the Shredder has returned, he hasn’t been causing us many problems as of yet. Perhaps we owe the stifling heat some debt of grattitude for this… it must be murder in those Foot outfits when it gets hot. Raphael has been ardently searching for Foot trouble and has had little luck. None of us are happy about Raph’s new and improved vendetta against Shredder (other than Master Splinter, perhaps). We’re worried Raph is going to get himself (and/or us) into a situation that he/we can’t resolve. Shredder is a dangerous foe, and he isn’t laying low without good reason.

That’s about all I have to report this time around… the irony of the summer is that I’ve finally had the time to work on projects, but the heat has prevented me from doing so. I have spent alot of time swimming with Mikey, which has been fun… but I’m very glad that the heat wave is over and I can get back to work…

Speaking of which… I’ve got to get busy! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Talk to you soon!


Master Splinter

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