1999-03 – Letters from Michaelangelo

Yo yo stranger!

How ya been, amigo? Long time no see! Yeah, my fault! We hit the underwater waves again to help Venus save some of her friends from the Dragon Lord… so we had to go all the megaway back to China to do so… yikes! I’ll never eat another submarine sandwich, I’ll tell ya! I’ve had enough subs to last me for QUITE a long time now! :)

Seein’ China again was cool, though. It’s pretty easy for us to adjust to the outdoor, mountain life. Especially in Venus’ village… not too many people there and they all keep to themselves. All we have to do is slip on a cape and cowl and we’re ready to rumble. It’s a really beautiful land… well, until the Dragon Lord showed up it was anyways.

We rumbled with him and his legions for a long time. Leonardude was working with Venus’ friends, planning strategies and attacks and counter-attacks. We had about 40 Shinobi warriors and a dozen or so Shinobi priests to help us battle Dragonbreath… and it took all of Leo’s cleverness to finally win the day. I helped out where I could, but mostly I hung around with the Shinobi’s kids… I was the teenage mutant ninja babysitter for a long time! But it was fun! The kids taught me all kinds of cool games and I taught them how to bungie dive using vines we got from the tall trees there. They were great kids and I miss ’em now that I’m home. It was great to hang out with a group that was lookin’ to have some fun for a change. :)

But I didn’t escape the fighting altogether, which was okay as well. I’m not into violence (I get all the bruises I need from skating, thankyouverymuch), but I’m not too bad in a fight, and we had plenty of them while we were there.

When the dust finally cleared we’d won the final battle and the Shinobi priests had managed to bottle Dragondork up into some kinda funky prison-box. But that was a real effort, and they’re still working on it as I speak. Master Splinter and Venus even stayed behind to help keep the evil Dragon stuck in the box… so I hope everything is going well! The sensei visited us last night via astral projection and said he was pleased with the progress that they were making, but Dragon Lord had almost managed to escape twice since Leo and I headed for home. But the Sensei thought things seemed to be goin’ good now and he hoped he and Venus would be back home in a few weeks. I think the Master stayed behind simply to get a better understanding of Venus’ upbringing and maybe tighten their bond… she has adjusted well to her own Master’s death and her big move to the big City, but she still had a hole in her heart that I think Splinter wanted to try and repair.

Anyways, it’s been a cool new year so far. One wicked thing about the sub ride to China was I got to talk to the Master alot… I got him to realize I’m older now and not quite as thick as I used to seem… but I’ll still never be a “great thinker” or anything. But the Sensei and I had a great time and I think our relationship is on a more mature level now. I don’t mind everyone thinking I’m a “stoopid party dude”… but it is nice that Master Splinter doesn’t look that way at me now. :)

So I hope things have been good for you! Summer is just around the bend! I’m gonna go see if Donny has had any luck coming up with a cure for Mondo and then go make some tape mixes for the upcoming pavement carving that I’ll be doing! Walkmans rule!


Master Splinter

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