1998-04 – Letters from Venus

Hello and pleasant greetings to you!

Ah, it has been many moons since I have now moved to New York City, New York. The sights and sounds still are very amazing to me, and I must confess, no little frightening at times. I grew up in a small village in the mountains of China… I do not think I saw more than 10 people in a group on more than three occasions… New York City is very, very different from my home! I must confess that I miss my homeland very much… and I often yearn to return there.

Master Splinter and the boys have done their best to welcome me, and I am most grateful to them for being so wonderful to me. They have made me a member of their family with no questions asked. They are good and noble people, I am most fortunate to have them in my life. After the death of my Master, the gentle and great Chung, my thoguhts and emotions have been scattered as lotus petals in the Sunami winds… it is only recently that I have had time to reflect on how dramatically my life has changed. The Way leads us along many paths, and we must do our best to achieve balance… but it has been most difficult for me lately.

As much as I have grown to love my new family, I cannot help but feel like a fish out of water here in such a large city. I must do my best to confront this weakness and overcome my fears, but without Master Chung, I often feel so alone. Master Splinter has been a tremendous comfort, and we have shared tea and talked late into the night on many ocassions. He is a very insightful and caring person… I am not sure that all of the boys truly appreciate all that the Sensei has done for them. Without Master Splinter, I fear what might become of them… and I fear what might become of me. Splinter is the only one who truly sets my fears to rest, and shows me the way along my path. I have grown very fond of the Sensei, but he is pushing me to become independent of him, as he believes his sons are. I am not so sure that he is right on this account, but I know that he does what is best for me. He is right to suggest that I must grow into a stronger person… as of yet I am still like a bamboo shoot, but in time I hope to have the strength of the full grown plant. Despite his urging for me to become independent of him, Splinter is also always there when I need him… not to hold me up, but to teach me to stand. He is most wise.

Ah, but enough of my worrying! Please forgive me for this over indulgence! At times, I forget that as I write this, you are reading it. At times these writings seem more like a diary to me than a way to communicate with you. It is great magic, this internet!

Leonardo, Donatello and myself have been busy with what they call “Spring Cleaning”. We have done much work to make things as pleasant as we can here in the sewer. It is very hard work! I think that my troubles have come to the forefront now as scrubbing walls and floors leaves the mind much time to reflect! VERY VERY much time! We have spent nearly two full months on this cleaning project, and have barely made progress in most areas! Leonardo says that these walls have been filthy for many many decades, and he is right… but I have cleaned walls that are thousands of years old and the task was easier! The sewer is a filthy place, and it troubles me sometimes that we live here. But this is their home, so I will say no further ill of it.

Well… I fear that I have nothing more to say! I am tired and must get some sleep. Tomorrow night we will finish cleaning and then we will celebrate with a picnic in the park! I am looking forward to this with a very happy heart! I hope that your path is going well, and when it does not, that you have someone to help you learn to stand!

Peace be with you,

Master Splinter

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