1990 Original Fred Wolf Series – Episode 105 (Unidentified Flying Leonardo)



Written by: Sean Roche

MWS #9061-024

GROUP W #106

CAST OF CHARACTERS: The TMNT, Splinter, April O’Neil, Vernon, Mr. Thompson

GUEST STARS: Scoop Oliver, Dr. Davens, Billy Jim Bob, The Townspeople

LOCATIONS: Turtles’ Lair, Channel Six News Building, High Falls, Dr. Daven’s Farm


April decides to go upstate to a town called High Falls to investigate UFO sightings. Splinter gets a bad feeling about April’s trip and sends Leonardo to keep an eye on her. April arrives in the farm town and meets Scoop Oliver, the local reporter, who does not believe in the sightings.

When Leonardo arrives in High Falls he gets greeted by what seems to be a giant, hovering alien spaceship. While trying to escape from the spaceship, Leonardo runs into Billy Jim Bob. When Billy Jim Bob sees Leonardo, he thinks he is an alien and hurries into town screaming that he saw an alien.

The townspeople begin looking for Leo. When April finds out that the alien is actually Leonardo, she tries to stop the townsfolk by saying that the alien is probably scared of them and would not harm them in any way. Billy Jim Bob seems to be the only one to really listen to April. When April sees that noone is listening to her, she contacts Leonardo and fills him in on what is going on. They both decide to meet to see if they can figure a way out of the sitation. While April is waiting for Leonardo, she gets grabbed by the UFO, which actually turns out to be a hi-tech helicopter disguised to fool the locals. Dr. Davens, the helicopter’s pilot, tells April that he has invented a Vigro-Ray which increases the size of food crops. He plans on making lots of money with his giant crop and is using the UFO to keep people from finding out.

Leonardo arrives just in time to see April disappear. Shortly after, the townspeople track Leonardo down and begin chasing him once more. Thinking about what April said, and wanting to see what a real alien is like, Billy Jim Bob rescues Leonardo from the townspeople.

Back at the lair, Splinter has a nightmare about Leonardo and sends the other Turtles to look for him and April.

In High Falls, Billy Jim Bob tells Leonardo that he has always seen the UFO near Dr. Davens’ farm. Leonardo decides to go and investigate the Doctor’s farm to see if he can find anything. The other Turtles arrive in High Falls and the four of them stop Dr. Davens before he can create any more giant vegetables.

Once Dr. Davens is discovered, the townspeople realize that there never really were any aliens in their town and April and the Turtles return home.

Master Splinter

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