1990 Original Fred Wolf Series – Episode 086 (Were-Rats From Channel Six)



Written by: David Wise

MWS #9061-008

Group W #87
CAST OF CHARACTERS: The TMNT, Splinter, April O’Neil, Irma, Vernon, Mr. Thompson, Krang, Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady


LOCATIONS: Turtles’ Lair, Technodrome, Dimension X, Channel Six News Building, the Rat King’s Lair, the Sewers


While the Rat King searches for food in the sewers, he comes across a canister of mutagen. Thinking that it is nothing, he throws it away and continues to search for food.

Rat King soon comes across Bebop and Rocksteady, who were accidentally transported to the sewers by Shredder. They are on Earth to meet two thieves that stole explosives for them. Shredder tells them that while they are in the sewer, they can search for a canister of mutagen that was lost there. The Rat King hears all this and realizes that the canister he threw away was the one with the mutagen in it. He figures he could use the mutagen to make human size rats that will help them get food.

While searching for subjects, he comes across Irma and Vernon, who are in the sewer working on a story. He captures them and using the mutagen, turns them into rats. Using his flute to put them under his power, he orders them to go to the surface and bring back food.

Meanwhile, April gets worried when Irma and Vernon don’t show up at the office. She asks the Turtles to help her look for them. The Turtles and April find Irma and Vernon’s tracks and realize that the Rat King has probably captured them. The Turtles send April back to Cahnnel Six to see if maybe they have returned. In the sewer, the Turtles come across the Rat King. They discover that he has indeed captured Irma and Vernon and they now are rats and are working for him.

While searching for food for the Rat King, Irma and Vernon transform back to themselves. (The Rat King does not know it, but, the mutagen is unstable.) Not having any recollection of what happened, they return to Channel Six.

After searching the sewer for the mutagen and not finding it, Bebop and Rocksteady go to the surface to meet the thieves. They discover that the thieves are trying to double cross them and Bebop and Rocksteady decide to follow them.

The Rat King goes to Channel Six after Irma and Vernon fail to return with food. Using his flute, they transform back into rats and capture April. While out searching for food, Vernon overhears where there is a lot of cheese and informs his master about it. Leaving April in his lair, the Rat King, Irma and Vernon head to the airport.

The Turtles rescue April and rush to the airport to stop the Rat King and rescue his companions. At the airport there is a big mix-up. Bebop and Rocksteady followed the two thieves there. The thieves put the explosives in the cheese crates and the cheese in the explosives crate. The Rat King, Irma and Vernon go there to look for the cheese crates and the Turtles are there to rescue Irma and Vernon. With Splinter’s help, the Turtles and April manage to rescue Irma and Vernon. The thieves get away empty handed. Bebop and Rocksteady get transported back to Dimension X with the explosives in a plane. They of course don’t know how to fly a plane, so they bail out before it crashes, along with all of the explosives.

Master Splinter

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