Playmates 2003 – Skatin’ Raphael


The Extreme In-Line Skatin’ Ninja Warrior!


Vehicle of Choice: In-Line Skates and Shell Cycle
Weapon of Choice: Twin Sai Blades
Birthplace: New York City sewer
Height: 5′ 2″
Weight: 180 lbs.
Age: 15 years
Previous Form: Pet Baby Turtle

Raphael is the ultimate ninja warrior! He is the most fearsome and fearless fighter of the group. But Raphael’s short fuse and explosive temper only serve to hide his feelings and fear of being a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in a strange land. Raphael loves to rooftop rollerblade through Times Square to the boogie beat of his boombox blasting through the midnight air!

© 2003 Playmates

Master Splinter

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