Playmates 1995 – Mini-Mutants Raphael’s Samurai Sewer Lair Playset

The Half-sized Hero Turns into a Secret Sewer Headquarters!

All super-famous dudes like the Turtles need a super-safe hiding place! A place where they can plan their strategy against the bad guys like Shredder and the Foot Clan. Or just a place where they can clean their katanas, sharpen their sais, and veg out with some high powered pepperoni pizza in between battlin’ the bad boys. Now Raph, in his new cyberform, can easily transpizzafy into a Samurai Sewer Lair! All you have to do is open Raphael’s shells and head to reveal a cool sewer lair. The Turtles love this perfect pizza pad, deep in the soul of the sewers: Mini-Mutant Ninja Donatello can practice Ninja acrobatics on the Escape Cable, then relax in the Ooze Cesspool, while Mini-Mutant Ninja Michaelangelo hurls jelly bean with anchovy pizzas from the Pizza Disc Launcher to release tension. But hey dudes! Everybody knows that evil never dies! So just in case Shredder and his fiendish fiends find a fink to rat on the Turtles and expose their whereabouts, the Dudes of Pizzadom have some surprises. The Kowabunga Kranial Kannon that can kapow punks permanently! And don’t forget the Pizza Disc Launcher: it might fire pizza-shaped discs, but those discs can hiss and diss any Shredder-shaped target. The Secret Sewer Access Door and the Sewer Slide make ambushing Shredder a cinch. And with Shredder still at large, trouble’s always oozin’ through the next drainpipe!

© 1995 Playmates

Master Splinter

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