Playmates 1993 – Muta Party Van

The trouble with being a Turtle is, the minute that you start having fun, some Foot fiend shows up to ruin it. This masterful Muta-Party Wagon is designed to combat that crisis. If Foot foes walk up to the Green Guys just move a piece here, pull a knob there and this crafty classic Turtle vehicle Mutates into a giant fighting robotic Turtle – the meanest, metallic monster those Foot fools will ever see! This mechanical Mutant’s got fully articulated arms for real crook crushin’ action, an automatic pizza thrower to unleash an arsenal of anchovie-covered dough discs and a super samurai storage area just right for the goon-gashin’ giant katana! And the Green Guys get to ride high in the dangerous Mutatin’ monster. You get to choose who!

© 1993 Playmates

Master Splinter

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