Playmates 1994 – Slam Dunkin’ Don (Reissue)

  PORTRAIT OF SLAM DUNKIN’ DON  The Hoop-hammerin’ Hard Shelled Hero! Team: Sewer City Slammers Position: Forward/Center Height: 5′ 9″ with hi-tops Weight: 150 without Turtle Ball School Team: The Reptile Rebounders – 1st Round Draft Choice Total Rebounds: 16,720 Total Assists: 300 Scoring Average: 94.0 Shoot and… Continue Reading

Playmates 1994 – April (Reissue)

  PORTRAIT OF APRIL The Greatest Gal to Ever Gather News! Vital Newstistics: Accessories: Crook-Catcher Camcorder, 32mm News Maker’s Special, Leg Holster, Babe Belt with detachable microphone and Tape Player Favorite Headline: Ace Reporter Wins Another Reward Favorite Turtle: What? You Don’t Know?… Continue Reading

Playmates 1994 – Casey Jones (Reissue)

    PORTRAIT OF CASEY JONES Accessories: Baseball Bats, Golf Club, Golf Bag, Hockey Mask, Shoulder Pad Height: 6′ 2″ Weight: 235 lbs. with fully loaded golf bag Favorite Sports Team: Mudville Slingers Favorite Food: Shake ‘n’ Break Chicken Favorite Swing: Grand Slam Like all psychos,… Continue Reading

Playmates 1994 – Foot Soldier (Reissue)

    PORTRAIT OF FOOT SOLDIER Shredder’s Right Hand Mummy VITAL MUMTISTICS: Weapons: Turtle Shell Biter, Electro Shock-Mace, Turtle Carver Knife Birthplace: Catacomb, Nebraska Height: 6′ Weight: 175 lbs. Age: ? Foot Soldiers are all alike: speechless, robotic minions to… Continue Reading

Playmates 1994 – Mondo Gecko (Reissue)

  PORTRAIT OF MONDO GECKO The Rip Roarin’, Skateboardin’ Reptile! VITAL GECKTISTICS: Accessories: Turbo-charged Sewer Skateboard, Tail Skate and Label Sheet Birthplace: Quarterpipe, Hawaii Height: 4 ft. (over the lip) Weight: 150 lbs. (with clear skin) Favorite Phrase: Skate or… Continue Reading