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Biography – Pat Musick


Patricia Elizabeth Musick (born 1 November 1956) in an American voice actor with decades of experience in the trade. Her daughter is Mae Whitman. Pat voiced Mona Lisa in the 1987 cartoon.

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Playmates 1992 – Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

PORTRAIT OF MONA LISA The Lovely Lizard Lady! VITAL LIZTISTICS: Weapons: Venomous Mace Spray, Gila Stun Gun, Ninja Nail File Sai, Blow Fish Mace Favorite Sport: Swimmin’ Freestyle Favorite Turtle: Raph Favorite Hobby: Lookin’ good and feelin’ fine She’s hip, she’s cool, and she’s a lizard. Mona Lisa is her name and bustin’ bad dudes is her game. This… read more »

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