Playmates 1996 – Stretch Leonardo

STRETCH LEONARDO The Pretzel-twistin’ Teen! Stretch Consistency: Pizza Dough Perfection! Rubber Factor: +10.5 Maximum Stretch: Test results available next week. Leo’s Weapon of Choice: Two Katana Sewer Swords He’s Leo the limber leader who loves to stretch like nobody’s business. Not a day goes… Continue Reading

Playmates 1996 – Stretch Donatello

STRETCH DONATELLO The Mighty Malleable Mutant! Stretch Consistency: Mutant Melted Mozarella Rubber Factor: +10.7 Maximum Stretch: Untested – but we know it’s really far! Leo’s Weapon of Choice: Two Big Bad Bos Ever since Donatello got the power of the reptile rubber, he’s been… Continue Reading

Playmates 1996 – Robotation Michaelangelo

ROBOTATION MICHAELANGELO The Rowdy Robotic Rouster! Charging into Foot territory, Robotation Michaelangelo clobbers and crunches away, safely sealed inside his marvelous MutantMechanical T-Transport Shell. This titanium Turtle is totally teched out with oversized battle gear. Mike’s Foot-flattenin’ Finger Flick Mega… Continue Reading