Playmates 1990 – Michaelangelo’s Sewer Exploration Belt

MICHAELANGELO’S SEWER EXPLORATION BELT With Michaelangelo’s Sewer Exploration Belt you can delve deep within the city sewers. This multi-purpose utility belt has everything a Turtle explorer needs. Features a secret sewer map and official detachable Sewer Force buckle with sewer storage compartment. There’s also a nifty, working fold-out compass just in case you lose your […]

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Playmates 1990 – Oozey

Oozey The Foot Clan’s pretend pizzeria with Ooze-Shooting Cannon! First use this tricky Turtle trap to lure in the trusting teens. They won’t suspect a thing as they walk right up to order a pizza. Then squeeze the trash can clamps to drop the Ooze-filled trash can projectile into the Foot cannon, pull back on […]

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Playmates 1990 – Turtlecopter

Turtlecopter It’s the turbulent Turtle attack-craft that’s designed for inner-city battles with downtown terrorists. This baby comes completely decked out with trigger activated boxing glove skids to punch out the Foot, sewer snake rotors and two detachable garbage can bombs that blow open for Ooze bursts (Ooze not included). The dual retro-turbos provide the power […]

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