Playmates 2006 – Ninja Tek Gear Don


Mutate Into Your Favorite Fast Forward Turtle!

I am Fast Forward Donatello and I love my Ninja Tek Gear! I should, I helped Cody Jones devise it all! I may be stuck i the year 2105, but I really like it here, thanks in part to these updates to my signature weapons and gear! I put on my new bandana, stuff my shuriken into my new belt, strap my fierce gauntlet onto my forearm, pick up my Powerful Purple bo staff… and stand ready to dish out a bo-bashing to any and all criminal cyborgs, anti-social androids and genetically-grown gangsters! I am Ninja Tek Donatello… the Ninja Turtle of tomorrow!

© 2006 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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