Playmates 2005 – Bad Boy Moto-Psycho

The Bad Boy Bike that Transforms into a High-Flying Hover Jet!

Scary as it is already, the mysterious Moto-Psycho is a techno-terror without a history of ever being created! Strangely falling into the Foot Clan’s lap, this (otherworldly?) gift is a welcome addition to the Foot’s arsenal. Able to pull 0 to 65 mph faster than you can say “road rash,” this bike can even soar the skies at the flick of a wrist. As a tricked-out Bad Boy space hog, the Moto-Psycho’s two wheels rotate to turbines, leaving room for side panel mega rockets to put new meaning into the phrase “off-road!”

© 2005 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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