Playmates 2004 – Toddler Turtles


Before they were teenagers they were toddlers!


Vehicle of Choice: None (they didn’t have any yet!)
Weapon of Choice: Uncertain… but getting there!
Birthplace: New York City Sewer
Height: 3′ 6″ (Average)
Weight: 98 lbs. (Average)
Age: 8
Previous Form: Pet Baby Turtles

They weren’t yet lean, nor mean, but they were green! The Toddler Turtles are in their earliest stages of ninja training, eager to choose their signature weapons and begin learning and mastering the secrets of ninjitsu. Their bodies may not yet be the well-toned fighting machines of their teenage years, but their hearts and minds are in the right place – these toddlers want to kick butt, any butt, especially each other’s! And it takes all of Master Splinter’s patience and control to keep the four boys in line!

© 2004 Playmates

Master Splinter

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