Playmates 1996 – Stretch Shredder


The Mutant Malleable Madman!

Stretch Consistency: Super Sinister Snot!
Rubber Factor: +16.6
Maximum Stretch: Untested!
Shredder’s Weapon of Choice: Shell Smashers

Shredder is really bent outta shape now! He’s gone and Mutated himself to be just like the Stretch Turtles! He has their reach, he has their flexibility, he has their fate in his gooey, green-grindin’ grip! Shredder extends his evil presence as he hyperstretches – now there is no escape! Armed with his weapon of choice, Shredder towers over all those who oppose him – all except the Turtles! But Shredder is not worried, because he has the edge. He has the power and the willingness to stretch as far as he has to – to do whatever it takes to defeat the elastic lads. He now has all the advantages that they have – and more! No height is too high, no distance is too far – Stretch Shredder knows no boundary and he only laughs at limitations. Soon the Turtles will be nothing more than retread Turtle tire rubber! Hahahahahahahaha! (Uh… that’s what Shredder would do if he were here now.)

©1996 Playmates Toys

Images provided by Vaughn Michael

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