Playmates 1996 – Robotation Michaelangelo

The Rowdy Robotic Rouster!

Charging into Foot territory, Robotation Michaelangelo clobbers and crunches away, safely sealed inside his marvelous MutantMechanical T-Transport Shell. This titanium Turtle is totally teched out with oversized battle gear. Mike’s Foot-flattenin’ Finger Flick Mega Mondo Missile is easy to aim – and easier to fire! What ancient power doth this Turtle summon to guide his futuristic Foot stompin’, Mutant-manglin’ machine o’ madness? The answer lies in a mangled mesh of miles of wire beneath a silvery, souless skin. It is the power of pure pizza and his Gnarly Noggin’ Knockin’ Nuncakus! Hunkered down and hungry for battle, this giant Turtle terror towers over the torn and twisted terrain – the fractured field of battle is evidence of a victory. Only Mike’s titanic T-Transport Shell stands tall and untarnished. Peer inside the clear canopy and – behold! Mike’s sittin’ ready to celebrate!

© 1996 Playmates

Master Splinter

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