Playmates 1996 – Andro-Skeleton Leonardo

The Awesomely Armed Attacker

Opening his Kowabunga Clear Shield Canopy, Andro-Skeleton Leonardo climbs aboard his T-Transport Shell and locks himself into bodacious battle mode. Engaging the thrusters, he bursts on to the scene in a freakish frenzy of Foot-stomping glory! Turmetically sealed in his MutaMechanical T-Transport Shell, Leo is impervious to the slings and arrows of the outrageous Foot Clan. Aiming and firing his Finger Flick Mega Mondo Missile, he valiantly vanquishes them ten at a time. Nothing will stand in Andro-Skeleton Leonardo’s path, as he swishes and swings his Kickin’ “Double-the Damage” Katanas! Stompin’ stoically straight ahead, this stalwart and staunch warrior wears down that weary warmonger Shredder and his subversive soldiers.

© 1996 Playmates

Master Splinter

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