Playmates 1995 – Sumo Michaelangelo

The Foot Poundin’ Belly Boy!

Sumo Michaelangelo’s Accessories: Wacky Wooden Sumo Sandals, Hard Lard Nunchaku, Sumo Mace, Gold Metallized Kowabunga Collector’s Coin

Sixteen pizzas, forty two ice cream sandwiches, sixty seven candy bars – and that’s just for breakfast! It’s Sumo Michaelangelo, the belly floppin’ bad boy buster with a waisty, weighty problem! He’s a traditional Sumo wrestler with some untraditional Mutant moves. Just a push of his back button gets his hair a-spinnin’! Then it’s lights out for any underweight weirdo who gets in his way. If Michaelangelo is having a bad hair day, he can always whip out his belly bustin’ nunchaku and start pounding the puny punks into bite-sized chunks. And if this ton o’ Turtle ever gets weighed down, he just calls on his big bellied brother, Sumo Raphael. Together they can flatten the Foot and squash the evil Shredder – Sumo style! They’re the top Turtle team and no one dares challenge them. So when the ground begins to shake and the sound of bouncy blubber can be heard, you’d better hide all the food and make way – cuz it’s Turtle Sumo time!

© 1995 Playmates

Master Splinter

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