Playmates 1995 – Mini-Mutants Michaelangelo’s Football Playset


The two minute warning is one and a half minutes old. Thirty seconds to go and then the Turtle Bowl is all over. The crowd is tense as Mini-Mutant Leonardo steps out of the wacky weight room and onto the field. Two million viewers watch through TV cameras as he joins his teammates, Mini-Mutant Donatello and Mini-Mutant Michaelangelo. It will take total Turtle training and team work to pull off this kick. Overhead the Mini-Mutant Blimp floats by, silently adding to the tension below. The crowd begins to quietly chant, “Kick that ball! Kick that ball!” Mini-Mutant Leonardo watches closely as Mini-Mutant Donatello takes hold of the ball. The chant grows louder. “Kick that ball! Kick that ball!” Mini-Mutant Leonardo yells out the count and rubs the sweat from his eyes. Mini-Mutant Donatello snaps the ball to Mini-Mutant Michaelangelo. Mini-Mutant Leonardo begins his run as Mini-Mutant Michaelangelo places the ball on the tee. The crowd is screamin’! Mini-Mutant Leonardo’s foot slices through the air and slams into the ball – it’s up – it’s, it’s – good! The crowd goes wild! Was there any doubt? The Turtles have done it again! Turtles 63 – Foot 3!

© 1995 Playmates

Master Splinter

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