Playmates 1995 – Mini-Mutants Metallized Turtle Travelin’ Combo

Metallized Mini-Mutant Turtle Blimp with Metallized Turtle Cycle and Mini-Mutant Toon Leonardo Figure!

The skies shine with a brilliance as yet untold – but now it’s time to tell. Are you ready? Put on your sunglasses, dude! Toon Leonardo has command of the air with the super slick, bodaciously bright Metallized Mini-Mutant Turtle Blimp. Filled with a special Turtle gas that lifts this lighter than air metal machine high above the city, the Turtle Blimp gives Toon Leonardo the perfect vantage point to keep an eye out for any ground huggin’ Foot fools. Propelled by a pair of pizza sauce suckin’ jet engines, the Turtle Blimp patrols the skies over Raphael’s Metallized Feudal Castle and Leonardo’s Metallized Turtle Lair, and directs the Metallized Mini-Mutant Turtle Cycle into action – a lot of action! The Metallized Mini-Mutant Turtle Cycle is the fastest two wheeled wonder to ever gleam with refracted light. Equipped with a souped-up sewer slick power plant that moves this metal machine at shell-splittin’ speed, the Mini-Mutant Turtle Cycle is seen only as a streak of glare, a smear of sparkles. But if Toon Leonardo finds that he’s got more than he can handle, he gives his Mini-Mutant borthers a call. And in no time the Metallized Mini-Mutant Party Wagon and Metallized Mini-Mutant Samurai Cycle have joined in the chase. All this happens under the watchful eye-in-the-sky known as the Metallized Mini-Mutant Turtle Blimp.

© 1995 Playmates

Master Splinter

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