Playmates 1995 – Mini-Mutants Metallized Leonardo Lair Playset

The Green Metallized Leader Who Opens Into A Low Layin’ Lair Playset!

Pure, unadulterated, shiny Turtle green metal encases the entire under sewer hideaway they call the Turtles’ secret Mini-Mutant Lair. What other color would the Turtle pad be? It has everything a red-blooded, teenage, green Turtle could want. Look out, Foot! This sewer-seated Turtle command central is loaded with the latest in fiendish foe findin’ technology. The Rotatin’ Foot-spyin’ Periscope is perfect for spotting Shredder’s evil minions as they creep through the sewers in search for Turtle meat. Once those nasty nuisances get into range though, it’s lights out, cuz Super Mini-Mutant Michaelangelo’s a sharp-shooter with the Lair’s Sewer Cover Launcher. Until then, Super Mini-Mutant Michaelangelo and Leonardo will keep in top Ninja form by trainin’ with their Whirlin’ Sparrin’ Dummy… after all, a dummy’s not that different than a Foot Soldier.

© 1995 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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