Playmates 1995 – Mini-Mutants Dino Jammin’ Combo


Time knows no size! The age of Cave Turtle Raphael is right in the middle of it all. Saddling up on his best buddy Brontosaurus and hunting for prehistoric punks is a full time job for Cave Turtle Raphael. He starts every day patrolin’ on top o’ his trusty dino the Mini-Mutant Brontosaurus. When he comes across a missing-link madman and his fire stealin’ Foot fools, Raphael calls for his ever faithful Mini-Mutant T-Rex to come a runnin’. With the grace and precision of a pea-sized brain reptile the Mini-Mutant Dinos herd up the bone bangin’ bad boys. The Cave Turtle Raphael loads ’em onto the Cave Turtle Cart, showin’ a good days catch, for sure. Unfortunately jails haven’t been invented, so Mini-Mutant Cave Turtle Raphael has to let ’em all go later on. Oh well — it gives him something to do tomorrow. But Cave Turtle Raphael dreams of a time when he’ll be able to fly on a Mini-Mutant Military Copter or race across the ground in a Mini-Mutant Party Wagon, but for now he must be content to ride Mini-Mutant Dinos and eating grub-gravel prehistoric pizza. Someday, though, someday very soon…

Image and box text provided by Stephan Reese

©1995 Playmates Toys

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