Playmates 1995 – Mini-Mutants Cyber-Jet Playset

The Cyber Jet that Mutates Into a Multitude of Mini-Mutant Cyber Vehicles!

Kowaaaaaabunga, dude! The Teenage Turtle Troops have advanced Turtle Tech into the next century. Mini-Mutant Leonardo has programmed this multi-Mutatin’ Mini-Cyber Jet Playset for systematic weapons and vehicle configurations! Soarin’ over the purple mountains majesty and gunnin’ for the Foot Clan – it’s Mini-Mutant Raphael in his Cyber Scannin’ Jam Jet. He’s scoping out enemy lines at supersonic speeds. Executing a perfect rapid roll over the amber waves of grain, Mini-Mutant Leonardo Mutates this multi-purpose vehicle into the Foot feared Mutatin’ Mini-Cyber Tank! The ground assault has begun! Shredder lets loose a myriad of monstrous firepower aimed at the Mini-Cyber Tank! A direct hit… or is it? Mini-Mutant Raphael quickly Mutates the Tank into the Cyber Hoverin’ Gun Ship! The air battle rages on!

Shredder has no defense against this fast Mutatin’ military machine. The totally mutable military muti-purpose vehicle Mutates into eight awesome crafts! Fully loaded with the latest in Cybertech technology, this mutalatin’ mini-machine Mutates into hundreds of Foot terrorizin’ nightmares. Shredder’s sinister streak of luck has just ended!

Lettin’ loose the fury of the Super spring-loaded Rocket Launcher, Mini-Mutant Raphael takes out that bumblin’ buffoon Bebop. And Mini-Mutant Leonardo scores a bullseye with the Massive Spring-loaded Mutant Missile Launcher. Shredder and his sissy cyber sidekicks are runnin’ for the hills now. That’s the end of this bodacious battle and the world’s in pizza pie partyin’ bliss for another day. Tough tomatoes, Shredder!

© 1995 Playmates

Master Splinter

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