Playmates 1995 – Mini-Mutants Carry Along Communicator Playset


Just unfold the full-sized Communicator to reveal Raphael’s Totally-tech Workshop, and the secrets of the latest in tiny-Turtle technology will be revealed to you. Now you can join Mini-Mutant Movie III Raphael as he tracks down the location of Mini-Mutant Shredder’s super secret hideout. Raphael unravels the mystery by electronically siphoning the info from Mini-Mutant Shredder’s memory banks. Don’t be fooled, it’s not as easy as it sounds. First, Raphael’s got to lure Shredder into the ergonomic electric chair launcher, set him a-flyin’, and land him in the stinky sewer pipe specimen cell. Then, using the bad boy brain scanner (the latest in rhino brain info-extracting technology), he scans Shredder’s brain for signs of activity. No simple task when you’ve got a brain the size of a pea! If Raphael’s lucky and he pulls all that off, it’ll be up to you to fold up the Secret Totally-tech Wrkshop and use the full sized Communicator to tell the other Turtles where to find Shredder. Clip the Communicator to your waistband/belt for hands free Foot fightin’ or carry it along for portable fun. Good luck, and remember: if the bad boy brain scanner doesn’t work on Shredder, use the high-powered microwave blaster; he really hates that!

© 1995 Playmates

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