Playmates 1995 – Metal Mutant Shredder

METAL MUTANT SHREDDER with Tiger Spirit Armor

Metal Mutant Shredder’s Accessories: Tiger Blade, Metallized Head Shield, Metallized Tiger Head Chest Plate, Special Metallized Mutant Armor Plating

A battle older than time itself rages on. Metal Mutant Shredder has joined forces with the ancient Spirits of the past to destroy the Turtles once and for all. Encased in armor of the Tiger Spirit, Metal Mutant Shredder is completely protected. His titanium Tiger-plated shield flips over his head and easily deflects anything the puny Metal Mutant Turtles can throw at him. Swingin’ his razor-sharp Tiger blade relentless gusto, Metal Mutant Shredder will stop at nothing until all goodness is destroyed. If the Metal Mutant Turtles should gather their strength and attack all at once, Metal Mutant Shredder can summon up the Turtle-terrorizin’ Spirit of the Tiger, instantly mutatin’ his armor into a Tiger beast. Each limb of the Tiger Spirit is created from Metal Mutant Shredder’s own armor – legs, torso, head! And as the body is formed from the mutatin’ protective plating, it comes to life – ready for battle. This is the fiercest and most powerful of all armor! But wait – over the horizon – it’s the Metal Mutant Turtles! The battle rages on!

© 1995 Playmates

Master Splinter

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