Playmates 1995 – Metal Mutant Leonardo

METAL MUTANT LEONARDO with Dragon Spirit Armor

Metal Mutant Leonardo’s Accessories: Dragon Katana, Metallized Dragon Helmet with Glowing Eyes, Special Metallized Mutant Armor Plating

A battle older than time itself rages on. Good versus Evil in a timeless war with no end – until now. Metal Mutant Leonardo has conjured up the Spirit of the mighty dragon from the banks of the Yellow River. And now, together, Turtle and Spirit one, they have become a fantastic fighting duo. Equipped with his impenetrable metallized armor – the most powerful armor ever conceived – and his metallized helmet with glowing eyes and dragon katana, Metal Mutant Leonardo can send Evil plummeting to the shadowy depths from whence it came. Enveloped by the demon destroying armor that is the Dragon Spirit, only Metal Mutant Leonardo can prevail. With the power of the Ancients, Metal Mutant Leonardo’s armor mutates into the form of the Dragon Spirit. Powerful legs, arms and Dragon body are instantly formed from each piece of Leonardo’s mystical armor. Together they fight side by side, crushing the blackness that rises from the quagmire of turpitude. But behold – a new evil now walks the Earth – the fierce Metal Mutant Shredder! And the battle rages on!

© 1995 Playmates

Master Splinter

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