Playmates 1995 – Jim Lee’s Rapahel


The Attitude Dude!

Totally Turtle Gear: Two Steel Shreddin’ Sais, Totally Techno Turtle Communicator, Massive Metallic Armor, Totally Titanium Forearm Blades

The Turtles have undergone massive mutation, courtesy of master comic book artist Jim Lee, creator of the WildC.A.T.S. Raphael is now bigger, badder and bulked up for battle. He’s also sportin’ a huge superhero attitude to go along with his newfound hard-edged good looks. But he’s still the same green guy at heart! He and his mutant bros have taken from the sewers to the streets of Chicago scouring the city for evil elements, like the evil Overlord. And they can smell those criminal freaks a mile away! Those lowlifes will be mighty sorry when they get an up close and personal look at Raphael’s overhauled steel shreddin’ sais and his new super slick massive metallic armor! And just wait ’til Shredder gets a glimpse of the all new gleamin’ green mighty mutant Raphael. He’ll be fleein’ through the streets like the wind. Wait a minute… there’s something lurking in the shadows? It’s Chicago’s legendary finheaded freak cop – Savage Dragon!

This begins the most feared evil-eradicating alliance ever created! The Turtles and Savage Dragon team up to do battle with the forces of organized evil that threaten to wreack havoc on the peace-loving world. Get ready for the most savage, mutant action this side of the sewers with the ultimate Green Team!

Images provided by Vaughn Michael

©1994 Playmates Toys

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