Playmates 1994 – Supermutant Splinter


From out of the sky comes a new brand of ultra hero. Taller, stronger, faster… and green. Supermutant Splinter, Supermutant Donatello, Supermutant Leonardo, Supermutant Michaelangelo and Supermutant Raphael have joined up to form a legion of good guys. These Supermutants scour the city in search of their arch enemies, Supermutant Shredder, Supermutant Bebop and Supermutant Rocksteady. It’s a fight to the finish where only one side can claim victory and walk away from the fray. The battle of good versus bad has risen to a whole new level with a whole new set of super weapons. There are no rules and there are no limits – only the best will survive. So get ready for some spring action as the war on the Foot kicks into high gear. And get plenty o’ pizzas ready – cuz bein’ super works up a big appetite.

Boxed image provided by abc123xyz890

© 1994 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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