Playmates 1993 – Robotic Bebop

The Metallic Maniac with the Ugly Mug!

Accessories: Mechanical Mutant Claw, Lazer Luger/Flame Thrower Combo, Stained Steel Cutter
Favorite Oil: Turteweight
Favorite Fuel: Strained Turtle Brains

Frustrated by the constant incompetence of regular ol’ Bebop, Shredder developed a robotic version of the winsome warthog and appropriately dubbed him Robotic Bebop. Now this colossal can of nuts and bolts is a mechanized menacing monster – and the Turtles are tired already of contending with this humongous hunk of junk. But Robotic Bebop is indeed a contender. Suited up with the finest grade titanium and equipped with atypical fiendish weaponry, the Turtles best beware and have a care! The stained steel cutter means black ‘n’ blue business; and the laser luger/flame thrower combo is so much weapon, it shoots everything but the kitchen sink. And when Robotic Bebop wants to just have fun with his Turtle prey, he’ll get ’em in the clutches of the menacing mechanical Mutant claw and tickle away. Turtles take cover – it’s Robotic Bebop: hes metal, he meddles and he’s mental, totally!

© 1993 Playmates

Master Splinter

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