Playmates 1993 – Night Ninjas Auto Mutations

If you blink, you’ll miss it! These guys are the fastest Mutatin’ Turtles in the world! Just squeeze their muscular Mutant legs and watch your hard-shelled heroes metamorphosize from Mutants to Armored Night Ninja warriors. Awesome armor springs out, covering the character’s head, shoulders and chest. Swing out the thigh pads and Foot weapons and the Turtle Night Ninjas are ready for battle. Fully stocked with nasty Night Ninja weapons, these are the real dangerous dudes that nightmares are made of! Just don’t blink or you’ll miss the action!

Figures in series: Night Ninja Rocksteady, Night Ninja Bebop, Night Ninja Raph, Night Ninja Don, Night Ninja Mike and Night Ninja Leo

© 1993 Playmates

Master Splinter

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