Playmates 1993 – Mike as Frankenstein


The Radically Rebuilt Turtle Terror!

Accessories: Bolt-handled Nunchaku, Pizza-chain Shackle, Beastly Beaker, Flamin’ Torch Club
Favorite Movie: The Monster That Ate Pizza
Favorite Pizza Topping: Monster Mush

It was a dark and stormy night. A mysterious figure loomed into the laboratory. Some say it was Dr. Splinter. Others say they never knew Splinter was a doctor, so it must’ve been some other rat. But anyway, suddenly – as if lightning had struck (and it did), a monstrous Mutant rose from the slab. “It lives!” a voice screamed. “It glows in the dark! It….” CHOMP! “Eats pizza!”

Yes, it’s Michaelangelo looking like a real horror show! That’s right, scaredycats, Mike as Frankenstein might be the most universally monstrous Mutant around. With his bolt-handled nunchaku in his creepizoid hand and pain-chain shackle on his foot, he’s the most deranged Turtle ever to leave the laboratory. When the villagers see this gruesome grunter lumberin’ their way, it’s torch lights and clubs for the lot! But Mike as Frankenstein knows that deep down, he still has a heart, a slightly used heart, but a heart nonetheless. In the meantime, though, he loves to terrorize and stalk the countryside, just like the classic Universal Frankenstein. It’s a, you know, monster thing.

Images provided by Vaughn Michael

©1993 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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