Playmates 1993 – Leo as The Wolfman


The Carnivorous Canine Creature!

Accessories: Boney Katana, Wolfhead Cane, Fiendish Foot Trap, Silver Bullet-shootin’ Gun
Favorite Movie: “I Was a Teenage Mutant Turtlewolf”
Favorite Pizza Topping: Meat (any kind, he’s not picky)

When the moon is full and the howl is nigh, no Foot fool is safe from the wolf – the Wolfman, that is! Leo’s the scream of the screen – and he’s been bitten by the wolf – the Universal Monster Wolfman – and now he’s out for meat! Every full moon, Leo changes right before your eyes – then he bites – if you’re a Foot fool! Prowlin’ the night like the classic Universal Wolfman, Leo feeds on Foot fear, raw Mutant meat and an occasional canine pizza. And when he finds a tasty Foot fiend, he whips out his boney katana and cuts ’em down to size! Never let it be said that Wolfman Leo doesn’t have a heart. This howlin’ horror shatters the night with hauntin’ gruntin’ and grizzly growlin’ while he mutates from Turtle teen into a hairy, fanged, Foot-feedin’ fanatic – just like in the movies, kids! When the sun goes down and the full moon penetrates the thin veil of the night, the Foot run for cover – and Leo runs for meat. Got any?

Images provided by Vaughn Michael

©1993 Playmates Toys

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